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The marketer from Down Under! Australian Marketing, Digital, Social Media and Business expert, Kevin Spiteri is poised to speak for your next big event. From large corporations and international events through to private small businesses address, you have the opportunity to set up a call with a team member today who will walk you through the process of bringing in Kevin to delight, excite, inspire and educate your audience


One of Australia’s leading Digital Marketing experts, Kevin Spiteri brings a refreshingly candid, crap-cutting approach to educating business owners, managers and marketers on the strategies to become dangerously good at digital.  

Hailing from a blue-collar Western Sydney family, the son of an academic and a craftsman, his upbringing taught him in equal measures the value of knowledge and hard work.  

Founding his first commercial venture at the age of fourteen, installing car stereos from his parents’ garage, Kevin has gone on to become an author and keynote speaker, owner of multiple businesses and an avid investor in Australian startups.  

Highly qualified and with more than 18 years’ experience working both in-house and in agencies for small to medium enterprises and multi-national corporations, Kevin has enabled hundreds of businesses to make sound marketing, digital and social media investments.  

An unrelenting thirst for knowledge keeps Kevin at the cutting edge of all things digital.


Authored by Kevin Spiteri, released in 2017 and sold all over the world, ‘I Just Want It To Work: A Guide to Understanding Digital Marketing and Social Media for Frustrated Business Owners, Managers and Marketers’, was written for established business owners and senior managers who are dissatisfied with their current marketing efforts.

Whilst the core principles of marketing remain, the landscape has changed significantly. Digital and social media have given a voice to the consumer. No longer can marketers or agencies get away with the “Brand Awareness” argument on its own; they need to be held responsible for driving the right strategies to deliver qualified and quantifiable results.  

This book will teach you how to use a strategic marketing approach to pull together the pieces of the digital and social puzzle and ensure you not only set the right objectives but that they work for you and your business.  

Kevin cuts the bull and talks you through each component in a simple and jargon-free way.  


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