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Kevin Spiteri is now accepting applications for Group Consulting to help you grow your business, meet and surpass business expectations and develop modern marketing strategies to make a lasting statement in your niche.  

Limited positions are available so apply today to see if you qualify.


How Kevin will Help you

Group consulting will give you direct access to Kevin's global marketing expertise helping your business grow through the latest strategic marketing methods and business development tactics. This will be streamlined information that allows you to take what's been taught and apply it to your business immediately with a successful mentor guiding you through the process.

Weekly Phone Calls

We will do a weekly group call breaking down your questions and helping you discover the best routes for achieving your business goals. Each call will last approximately an hour and focused around your questions.

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Consulting Sessions

Together, we will break down the marketing barrier that is holding you back by providing unique and practical strategies to help you develop more in tune marketing tactics for your business. 

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Weekly Check-In

You will receive email updates about each discussion providing you additional tools to use that in return, will help you utilize the information that has been taught in each discussion.  

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In House Webinar

We want to get to know you personally so we can take a step into your business and work with your more effectively. These will be twice a month for our exclusive group consulting members.

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In order for us to see your progress, you will be tested on the materials taught in the discussions so we can evaluate your growth and grow your understanding of the online world.

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All of your information will be protected and secured. We take a lot of pride into making sure every user feels safe and comfortable before taking the leap into anyone of our programs. 

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Industry Reports

As an exclusive member of our consulting group, you'll receive the latest updates on marketing and business trends so you can stay up to date and ahead of your competitors.  

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Cost Effective

Understanding that consulting is historically expensive, we offer discounts for long commitment users and leverage our time appropriately to give you the best results affordably.  

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Kevin is the Author of the book I JUST WANT IT TO WORK 

I Just Want It To Work: A Guide to Understanding Digital Marketing and Social Media for Frustrated Business Owners, Managers and Marketers, was written for established business owners and senior managers who are dissatisfied with their current marketing efforts, or who find they are struggling to genuinely understand today’s marketing, digital and social media landscape. Whilst the core principles of marketing remain, the landscape has changed significantly. Digital and social media have given a voice to the consumer. No longer can marketers or agencies get away with the “Brand Awareness” argument on its own; they need to be held responsible for driving the right strategies to deliver qualified and quantifiable results. This book will teach you how to use a strategic marketing approach to pull together the pieces of the digital and social puzzle and ensure you not only set the right objectives but that they work for you and your business. Kevin cuts the bull and talks you through each component in a simple and jargon-free way.

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What my clients have to say

All of our clients come from similar backgrounds as you do today; learning the several avenues of business growth and digital marketing success. Here is what they have to say after working with me:

"Kevin has played a vital role in helping us interact and bridge the gap with end client for a project in India and Indonesia. He articulated the requirements meticulously and provided to the point feedback(s). One trait that stands out is his ability to communicate succinctly and efficiently. He acted as an excellent support with utmost professionalism. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kevin. "

-Tulika Sheel, Researcher | Consultant | Strategist |

"Kevin is one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable marketers that I have met so far in my career. He is abundantly fluent with marketing strategy and tactics, and consciously kept himself at the leading edge of technology, and innovation. It will be a long time before I forget the look of mesmerised inspiration on the faces of the Australasian ENZED network while Kevin blew them away with his release of his award winning ENZED website. Kevin was an absolute pleasure to work with."

-Matthew Gray Business Line Manager - Industrial Air at Atlas Copco

"Under his leadership both marketing and pricing team shows great improvement in areas of result delivery and knowledge improvement. He turned the whole team around from a time oriented to an object oriented business. His strategic thinking has inspired us for great achievements and personal development."

-Chen Feng

"Kevin is an excellent professional, very proactive, creative and attentive to detail. I had the pleasure of working with him for 2 years in several projects, where his technical base and strategic thinking were key factors to our success."

-Angeles Ruiz Diaz

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