What’s The Best Time To Advertise?

What’s The Best Time To Advertise?

What’s the best time to advertise?

I love this question because it actually allows us to dive into our audience and dive into the data to help make better decisions about the choices we make when it comes to our marketing objectives.

Anyone that knows me and has done business with me, and my clients will all attest to the fact that when I talk, I want to use data to make decisions and recommendations. I don’t like assumptions, I don’t like opinions, everybody’s got one of them. What I like is looking at what is actually happening out there, knowing and understanding exactly how my audience behaves so that I can make better decisions and use the data and information to direct and govern what I do when it comes to my marketing, digital and social objectives.

So, when it comes to advertising, and let’s just say your objective is primarily around Facebook and Instagram advertising, the best thing you can do is firstly go into your insights, on Facebook and Instagram and you’ll actually be able to go through and see your audience. Here you are able to see not only the demographics of your audience, but you can actually see when your audience is online.

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how to effectively hashtag

Are Hashtags Out Of Date?

Are #Hashtags Out of Date?

The short answer is no. But I would like to elaborate as this is a trending question that I am constantly being asked. I believe this question has been raised because of the people that seem to abuse hashtags and use 20+ on every post, with tags that aren’t even relevant to their photo, which is ruining the user experience of hashtags all together. 

Hashtags are really important for finding a theme that is trending or creating a way of following your content or allowing users who are primarily on Instagram to follow your content. Hashtags could be used obviously on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but where we see the most prolific use of them and the best use of them is on Instagram.

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social media trends 2018

Instagram Tips for 2018

Instagram Tips for Businesses in 2018

In my latest blog I would like to give away 4 tips to enhancing your Instagram to build an authentic following of the perfect audience for your business.

1. Imagery – The Importance of Good Assets

Firstly, if you want to build a really authentic brand on Instagram, the first thing you want to do is get your imagery right!  Take your time when doing this, try different types of photos, angles, videos etc. The aim here is to capture the attention of your perfect audience while they are scrolling through their feed. By having really great imagery you stand more of a chance of stopping people while they scroll. On average, you have a 1.2 second window to grab someone’s attention while they are ‘snacking’ on content. So, keep this in mind when you are uploading posts. It is also important that your photos show the personality of the business, and represent your business.

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how to set goals

My Guide on Setting Goals and Achieving Them.

How to Set Attainable Goals

Christmas has come and gone, we counted down to 12:00am on December 31st, the holidays have come to an end and we are now starting to go back to work and getting ready for the year ahead. We’ve all heard about New Year’s resolutions, and some of us have given up on making them because we have set unattainable ones in the past. But I think it is important to set a list of clear, attainable goals to guide us on a journey of success for the year ahead.

So, how do we best achieve this without overwhelming ourselves, or setting ourselves up for failure which will ultimately result in feelings of guilt or self-doubt? 

What I believe is so hard about long-term goals is the fact that there are no immediate results, which often leaves us feeling disheartened and beaten. You’ve been eating healthy for weeks, going to the gym 3 times a week… now 2 months on and you can see little to no results. So, you give up and you’re back to your old ways. This is why I came up with a hack to achieving your goals: by listing these goals and pairing them with rewards! 

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Seasonal Marketing

Christmas is upon us, and another year is coming to an end. Which means It’s that time of year again, the Melbourne Cup has come and gone, and traditionally things have now started to slow down. Businesses and people start to change focus. This also means, businesses are getting ready for the Christmas break, and looking to the new year, and although this planning creates a busy time for most, it is also a time where people want to be able to relax and unwind.

I often find that businesses struggle with their preparation for the seasonal break, therefore I find that they get their priorities wrong. Have you ever questioned how you can be better prepared for this time of year, in order for you to hit the ground running in the new year?

Firstly, let’s start with the basics. Are you service-based business or a product-based business, because they really need to be treated differently during this time of year.

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Is facebook only for consumers?

For something that is used almost daily by up to 2 billion people the capabilities of Facebook are often misunderstood. There are assumptions made about the platform which mean that the potential for B2B marketing is often overlooked.

People assume that Facebook is only for consumers. They assume the only market available on Facebook is for a business to sell to individuals. This means businesses are only seeing half the story.

Imagine having a washing machine and not realising it had a dryer built in as well. All this time you’ve been hanging your wet clothes on the washing line or a clothes horse when you could have been doing two jobs in one place.

When we stop the myth that Facebook is solely a consumer market and embrace the fact that businesses can use it sell to other business then we can improve our marketing (and profits!) dramatically.

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What is the best marketing strategies to implement for a new business?

What are the best marketing strategies to implement for a new business?

If you were going fishing and wanted to find a new spot, what preparation would you do? Firstly, you would find out if there are any fish to be caught right? You’ll want to find the type of fish and whether they were worth catching.

It’s the same with your new business’s marketing strategy. Firstly, you’ve got to fish where the fish are. Which sounds obvious, but you’ve also got to understand your audience.

Who is your ideal customer? Is it a guy or a girl or is it a business?

What’s the ideal age range? Teenagers? 30-50? Over 50s?

Where do they live? Urban or rural?

What is their behaviour? How to they react? How do they think?

In marketing speak these are called, geographic, socioeconomic, demographic and their psychographic.

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Four lessons I learned from starting a small business aged 14

My childhood was a wonderful time but my family lived on next to nothing. I’d have given anything for the toys I saw in the shop windows. This experience meant I was determined to earn money for myself early and by the time I was 14, I was running between two jobs and unintentionally entered the entrepreneurship world determined to start a successful small business.

I was an electronics geek, learning the ins and outs on secondhand kits from the market. I proved a dab hand at circuitry and I managed to convince my older sister to let me use her car as a testing ground. I managed to figure out how to install a stereo unit and a set of speakers. News spread of my new found talent and so began my first venture. My strategy? To charge 50 per cent less than the professional businesses in the local area.

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How do I avoid sounding like a robot when writing content for my social network or website?

How do I avoid sounding like a robot when writing content for my social network or website?

Your social media feed is an essential tool to your business. It provides the titbits of your daily life to your followers and potential customers. It is a regular opportunity to add your personality to your product or your service.

But doing this on a, sometimes, daily basis can be a strain. To always be the happy, positive person you want to portray when sometimes you’re actually feeling the opposite is a near impossible task. Maybe you lost a client or a good lead didn’t go anywhere. Maybe you just ran out of coffee.

This is where in-app scheduling or software like Hootsuite can be valuable because when you are that happy, positive person you can smash out loads of great posts.

There is another danger though. With social media posts needing to be so regular, it can be easy to lose your personality and become robotic. This can alienate your audience because they feel they are being talked at instead of being talked with.

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How do I promote my business on social media if I am an introvert?

How do I promote my business on social media if I am an introvert?

Very few people feel completely comfortable on social media. Whether we are conscious of it or not, what we choose to reveal to the online world is a very carefully managed affair.

This is also true of your business. You’re are trying to portray a certain image and a brand that, once you hit ‘Publish’, will be open to public scrutiny.

For some people the challenge and excitement this brings is what they thrive off. For others, the thought of putting your business on social media is enough to send you crawling under your desk. After all it’s become your world, right? It’s too precious to expose it to the ravages and savages online.

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