Is Google AdWords Suitable For My Business?

What Is SEO, And Do You Need It?

Yes, it’s not a new topic. But yes, it’s just as big of a deal as when you first heard about it. In the early 2000’s business owners in Australia started asking… “what is SEO?”. 

In 2019, that’s probably a question you know the answer to.  

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Destination Planning

The First Step For Your Company to Dominate.

Before diving head first into the social media deep end, what’s the very first thing decision you need to make for your company? 

Think about this, did McDonalds aim to make and sell you the absolute best hamburger you have ever had? Was that their goal?  

Or was McDonalds goal to give you a burger with at least some taste on the go, very quickly, at an industry low price compared to the alternatives. (if you eat McDonalds or not, the point still stands for their hundreds of millions of customers around the globe). 

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Using instagram to build an authentic following

How to create the ‘perfect’ Facebook Ad

A lot of people nowadays realise the potential of advertising on Facebook for their online businesses. A popular practice for businesses – especially with after the algorithm changes- is creating Facebook Ads. It is important that your business produces a Facebook Ad that attracts your audiences attention while creating desire for your product, turning your audience into potential customers. 

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Social media tools for Real Estate Agents

Imagine and think about the popular real estate agents that you know. Do you remember about the specific detail that the agent was known for? Every successful realtor in the market have their own brand.

Personal brands, just like my Kevin Spiteri brand other influencers out there, is the aim of every aspiring agent so that can people relate to them because having a brand differentiates you in the market.

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engaging with customers

The key to creating content that will be valuable to your perfect customer

In my next blog I aim to answer a question that came in from a local business owner, Laura, who wants to know what type of content she should be posting to enhance engagement from her target audience. 

“I’ve read everywhere that I should publish content that is valuable for my target audience. But it seems that what is valuable to my target audience is not really connected with services offered by my company. So, what should I publish on the company’s page?” – Says Laura, a start-up business owner.

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3 ways to get noticed online

How do I get noticed on social media? It’s a question I often get asked by my family, friends, potential clients or even long-term clients.

For someone so focused on all being dangerously digital, I love this question because it’s broad enough for me to go down to so many different avenues, but I will to focus on a couple of things for this blog.

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How to generate software sales on social media

Are you wondering if social media is the right platform for your business to generate software sales?

As a business owner, if you think that social media is the best channel or the first step where you could increase your database and activate your customers, I am here to challenge that and I will show you why. It is something that you can do a bit later but certainly not the first and only channel.

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